Headquartered in Frøstrup in northwest Jutland, Denmark, DOLLE A/S is one of the largest manufacturers of staircases and railing systems in the world. We are the market leader in Europe and our products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. DOLLE A/S develops, manufactures and sells interior and exterior staircases and banister systems in wood and metal. Our flagship product remains attic stairs, but we also produce modular staircases, spiral staircases and space-saving staircases as well as a comprehensive and sought-after interior and exterior railing banister system.

DOLLE A/S is a dynamic organization with a strong focus on development and innovation. This applies to both product and staff development. The company’s employees are involved in planning their own schedules at work, where there is a constant focus on optimizing working processes and procedures, where significant resources are invested in staff development, and where responsibility is delegated to the most peripheral part of the organization.