DOLLE A/S is committed to protecting the environment throughout the entire product process from purchasing, production and distribution through to the subsequent disposal of industrial waste.

Our purchasing policy dictates that we only buy wood-based raw materials from environmentally conscious, trustworthy and reliable suppliers, ensuring our wood originates from certified plantations that are managed responsibly by replanting trees, for example.  Whenever possible we are committed to buying Forest Stewardship Council  or PEFC certified products and we will, as a matter of course, refuse to buy wood that has been illegally logged or originates from countries in which basic civil rights are not respected.

Of course, it is also about ensuring that our production complies with current laws and standards in relation to the environment, that we recycle materials where possible, and that we sort, press and dispose of our waste in a responsible way.

It is, however, also about the working environment. We are currently placing great emphasis on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) which involves actively endeavouring to ensure that all of our suppliers comply with human rights and that their employees have an acceptable production environment. It is a lengthy process, but we are well under way and will remain focused until we reach our goal.