Dolle A/S HQ Denmark - Dolle Stairs USAAt DOLLE A/S, we maintain a constant focus on safety and quality and therefore place great demands not just on our own production, but also on the production of our suppliers. Our own production plants are subject to exhaustive quality management measures, in addition to which we have established effective quality controls to ensure that our suppliers also meet our adopted standards throughout all Dolle facilities including our manufacturing facilities in China and Ukraine.

All raw materials and components are carefully selected to ensure superiority in terms of strength, function, safety and quality. Our products are always produced in line with applicable legislation, standards and codes of practice and we are therefore certified by all relevant authorities.

ISO 9001 Certified

DOLLE A/S is ISO 9001 certified which assures our customers that we meet the quality requirements specified by the ISO 9001 standard. In practical terms it means that an independent certification body controls and verifies that all of our production procedures are clearly documented and adhered to at all times.

DOLLE A/S adheres to many other European certifying bodies of quality standards. Please call us if you would like additional information 855-365-5387 or visit