DOLLE A/S produces a large proportion of the components employed in production in-house. When we make use of suppliers, it is primarily for the supply of the following product lines, of which many are specialized products:

  • Laminated wood in both softwood and hardwood
  • Ready-made components for our loft ladder production based on design
  • Spruce, pine and Beech wood
  • Pull springs
  • Fittings
  • Screws
  • Plastic materials, etc.

Our purchasing policy

At DOLLE A/S, we aim to be an important client for our suppliers and strive to develop a long term partnership with direct and efficient contact to maximize efficiency.

Our production and purchasing are determined by client orders, and we therefore prefer flexible suppliers with significant capabilities and short lead times. A supplier’s capability – including its ability to provide quality assurance and competitive pricing – has an important influence on our selection of suppliers.

Requirements and Expectations

In principle, we place the same demands on our suppliers as we do on ourselves. It is, among other things, about delivering competitive products on time, having an effective quality management system and being willing to obtain the necessary certificates needed to meet the minimum requirements set for our products and raw materials. An added requirement is, of course, the need for all information pertaining to DOLLE A/S and its products to be treated confidentially.  Naturally, our partnership will involve establishing supplier agreements and evaluating suppliers, including auditing their production plants, on a regular basis.


As a supplier to DOLLE A/S, you will have wide range of benefits. First and foremost, you will enter into a stable collaboration based on mutual trust, in addition to which you have the opportunity to become part of a long term partnership geared to optimizing opportunities for both parties. Last but not least, you may be given the opportunity to develop new products in collaboration with our development department.

Please direct any supplier inquiries to our Denmark Headquarters:

Henrik Nyvang Jensen, Purchasing Manager

Tel: +45 96 55 84 21