Dolle Insta-Rail

Insta-Rail: See the difference with our modern, slim line vertical cable insert system.

Insta-RailĀ® Vertical Cable Railing system is an affordable, easy and attractive way to upgrade your new or existing deck railing. If you’re looking for deck remodeling ideas, look no further than Insta-Rail Vertical Cable Railing. Insta-Rail Cable Railing Kit Components are all made of premium stainless steel with 1/8 inch diameter cables. Each Insta-Rail kit will complete a railing area 72 in. long. This Insta-Rail Cable Railing kit is designed to be used for railings that are 36 in. in height. Multiple kits can be used for bigger areas and kits can be cut down to fit smaller areas. Insta-Rail is a quick and easy DIY solution for your outdated deck!

Insta-Rail can be used on new or existing wood frame railings to replace existing pickets or wooden spindles. Please verify any local building code requirements before purchase

Quick & Easy Installation!
Insta-Rail installation is designed to be DIY friendly and can be easily installed with common, basic tools. Complete installation instructions with frame requirements are included.

Tools you will need:
Power Drill with a Phillips Head Driver & 5/16″ (8mm) Drill Bit
Hack Saw
Open-end Wrench: 9/32″ (7mm)
Tape Measure
Hand Level

Components Include:
36 Cable Posts
40 Stainless Steel Anchors
1 Bending Tool for 36″ Railing Kits
18 Stainless Steel Cable Assemblies: 914.4mm for 36″ or 1066.8mm for 42″ railing heights
4 Steel Channels

INSTA-Rail is available in both a 36″ or 42″ Height